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10 of the Strangest Weather Occurrences Ever

    Top 10 times mother nature threw a curve ball. Extraordinary rare natural disasters like tornadoes, ice storms and heatwaves.

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    The weather is a turbulent study of inconsistent predictions and volatile conditions that can take lives and destroy civilizations. How often have we been mad at the local weather person for incorrectly predicting the day’s conditions? The weather is unpredictable, and there are numerous variables that can change a forecast at the drop of a hat. Mother Nature and environmental conditions caused by man all work together to create today’s weather. Hot and cold air can create terrifying tornadoes that wipe out entire towns, simple conditions can create hurricanes that turn oceans into vortexes.

    From rain to snow, the weather dictates the course of our regular lives. Snow days prevent us from going to school and work. Rain can evolve and escalate into flooding and cause our greatest assets to float away. There are different parts around the world that are exposed to different levels of sunlight and makes the weather different all over the world. There is no one set stagnant weather condition. For example, the far north and far south are the coldest parts of the world, while places by the equator are some of the hottest.

    Blame it on global warming or the evolution of our environment, but the weather seems to be getting stranger with each passing year. Here are some of the strangest weather occurrences that have happened throughout history. From snow in Southern California to hot conditions in Arctic cities, these occurrences are grim reminders that nothing is set in stone, not even the weather.

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    Milky Rain

    Antarctica Heat

    Twin Tornadoes,

    Thunder Snow

    Snow in SoCal

    Tornado in Alaska

    Inversion Clouds

    Snow Everywhere

    The Year without a Summer

    North American Ice Storm

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